Sounds best: Audio’s new era

Friday, March 10th, 2023 • OTEΑcademy

The evolution of the digital ecosystem has meant that audio, long considered a secondary medium, has thrust itself to the fore as a fast growing market.  Consumption and ad spend data in all advanced markets underline its emergence both as a highly engaging medium, especially for ‘hard to reach’ audiences, and as an innovative advertising vehicle, delivering results for a growing variety of brands. This new conference aims to explore the potential audio holds for marketers, through a series of talks by international experts and panel discussions with senior executives from the local market.


Key Topics and Take Aways

  • defining Audio 360: music streaming, podcasts & web radio
  • latest trends & 18-month outlook
  • ad effectiveness best practices
  • creative innovation
  • measurement & targeting
  • programmatic platform strategies
  • synergies with Radio
  • publisher podcasts & alliances

Who else will be there

Senior executives from:

  • Media Agencies
  • Brands
  • Ad & Digital Agencies
  • Publishers & Broadcasters
  • Solutions providers
Meet the


Reasons to Attend

A new event with potential

The Audio 360 Conference is a new conference by BOUSSIAS, aiming at exploring every aspect of marketing on audio formats such as music & media streaming platforms, podcasts, web radio, etc. The Audio 360 Conference is a must-attend fixture for executives from media agencies, Ad & digital agencies, brands, publishers and solution providers.

A spotlight on the latest trends

With a series of keynote talks and panel discussions, The Audio 360 Conference aims to provide the most recent information on all the latest trends and best practices, in order to assist media executives, marketers, agencies and publishers in exploiting the increasing potential of audio in marketing.

Quality Networking

Around 200 executives from across the market are expected to attend the conference. Participants will have the opportunity to meet with new prospects and reinforce existing business relationships.

Reasons to sponsor

BRAND  AWARENESS               

  • Boost your  brand
  • Showcase your expertise to the right market.
  • Increase the trust and loyalty of your clients.

LEAD  GENERATION            

  • Arrange meetings with potential customers.
  • Help make purchasing decisions easier.


  • Forge valuable relationships with industry-leading marketers.
  • Connect with key stakeholders.


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