Gaetano de Blasio di Palizzi

Gaetano de Blasio di Palizzi

Head Of Audio, Video, SEO & Branded Projects, Gedi Gruppo Editoriale

Gaetano de Blasio di Palizzi, graduated in Marketing and Business Economics at the Bocconi University of Milan. He began his professional career at RCS MediaGroup where he held various roles within the La Gazzetta dello Sport division. He started out with the traditional business, then embarked on a digital journey that led him to manage the video department of, taking care of its production, offer and marketing.

After 9 years, in 2017, he moved to Vodafone to coordinate its “Vodafone TV” content strategy.

In 2018, he returned to RCS as Head of Verticals, launching digital products for new audiences.

In 2021 he moved to Gedi Gruppo Editoriale, where he held the role of Digital Marketing Manager Radio & Podcast, following the digital development of Radio Deejay, Radio Capital and m2o, and the launch of One Podcast. Since mid-2022, he has been Head of Audio, Video, SEO and Branded projects of the Group.

Presentation Title

Podcast, a way to find and monetize a focused target.

An overview on US a IT podcast market, to understand the target creating a product useful and profitable. The GEDI podcast strategy in Italy and the first OnePodcast year after the launch.